Submission Guidelines

Deadline: Saturday, June 1, 2024 (18:00 JST). However, submissions for each genre may close earlier whenever the quota of 30 submissions has been reached.

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As in previous JWCs, there are three presentation rooms, each for poetry, fiction/nonfiction, and other topics (publishing, editing, translating, marketing, technical, workshops, residencies, or communities). During the two-day JWC, each genre would have 10-11 presenters. Each of the three genres (poetry, fiction/nonfiction, and other topics) has a quota of 30 submissions maximum.

To increase your acceptance rate, please READ OUR GUIDELINES carefully before submitting your proposals. 

All published writers, translators, editors, agents and publishers, who are planning to be in Japan during the conference dates, are welcome to submit presentation proposals. We especially encourage proposals from new submitters. One of our strengths has been variety, and the best way to foster variety is to have new presenters each year. Those who have presented at past conferences are (of course) welcome to submit new proposals. But please, in the words of Ezra Pound, “Make it new.” Selected speakers will have an opportunity to sell their books in the exhibition room.

Who can submit

  • All published writers, translators, editors, agents and publishers in English. Publications must be in English, either in magazines, literary journals, newspapers, or books.
  • New submitters are especially encouraged. Those who have presented in the past are also welcome, but make it new.
  • All nationalities are welcome, but contents must be in English.
  • Presenters must be able to come physically to the venue, because 2024 JWC is fully in-person. We do not offer online sessions.
  • All presenters must plan their trips by themselves. JWC is a free event and does not have the resources to help with travel expenses or to help get a visa to come to Japan.

What we are looking for

  • Presentations that focus on the craft of writing, publishing, and marketing our work, since JWC audiences are writers concerned with creating publishable writing. To ensure your proposals are on track, find previous presentations here (link:
  • Presentations that are NOT ABOUT single author readings, teaching, academic, literary studies, and private self-expression.
  • Proposals must be written clearly. NO vague description. 
  • The topics are NOT too narrow or NOT too broad. Too limited topics could be difficult to attract audiences, while too general topics will lack focus.
  • Presentation time is 50 minutes, including discussions. So, prepare topics that can be presented within the allocated time. 
  • One person may submit up to TWO proposals. If you submit over two proposals, we only review the first two submissions.
  • All genres are welcome. 

Benefits of giving a talk at JWC

While JWC is a free event and does not have the resources to provide honorarium, presenters may expect some benefits by giving a talk in JWC, such as the opportunity to: 

  • sell your books in the book room;
  • invite your publishers to market their books in the book room;
  • share your writing journey with others;
  • forge closer connections with writers at any level; and
  • expand your network.


Saturday June 1st, 2024 (18:00 JST). However, the submission for a genre may close earlier once it has reached its quota to ensure that our small team can review carefully all submissions.

Acceptance notification

The decision will be notified to all submitters in the first half of July 2024.


How to submit

Each proposal must include up to five keywords, abstract, bio in third person, and up to seven past published works. Please keep the length of the abstract (150 words or fewer) and bio (50 words or fewer). 

All proposals must be submitted through one of the forms below depending on what you focus on. For example, if your proposal is about how to write a better memoir, please use “fiction/nonfiction” form. But if you will present how to publish or market your memoir book, you should use the “other than above” button. If your proposal is in between, just use the form that you think is most suitable. One form is for one proposal. So, if you submit two, please submit them separately. 

Please note, we DO NOT consider email submissions. Contact us if you can’t access the form.

Proposal Submission forms