The JWC 2023 schedule is coming soon.

Below is the schedule for JWC 2022:

Saturday, October 15th, Japan Standard Time

Room 1Room 2Room 3 (Zoom presentations)
9:00Marc Antomattei
Watch Your Steps! Legal Pitfalls
Todd Jay Leonard
Publishing in the EFL Market: How to Make Your Proposal Count
Meg Kuyatt
The Thesis of the Novel
Revising with Focus
10:00Jenna Hammer (CoffeeQuills)
Spinning Web Fiction for Fun and Profit
John Rucynski
A Passion for Japan: Editing a Collection of Personal Narrative
Joan Bailey
Pitch Writing Tips on Crafting a Solid Story Idea
11:00Paul Rossiter et al
This Year at Isobar Poetry Reading
Michael Pronko
Fiction, Making Scenes: types, elements, effects, integration
1:30Charles Kowalski
The Magic of Humor
Swastika Jajoo et al
Curating a Community Newsletter Panel Discussion
2:30Swastika Jajoo
Poetry as a Social Space
Jillian Marshall
Reimagining Memoir: Storytelling Analytical Inquiry
3:30Michael Frazier
O Death, Where is Your Sting? A Poetics of Hope, Poetry Workshop

Sunday, October 16th, Japan Standard Time

Room 1Room 2Room 3 (Zoom presentations)
9:00Nithin Coca et al
Cooperatives and Self-Ownership for Writers
Sarah Coomber
Moment by Moment
Demystifying the First Memoir
Steven Wolfson
A Story Analyst’s Approach to Screenwriting
10:00Suzanne Kamata et al
Pivot: Writing for the Post-Pandemic World
C. E. J. Simons
Here We Go Again:
Poetry Workshop
Eli K. P. William
How to Build Worlds
11:00Sara Ellis
Why MFA when you can BB? Overview of Big Bang
Kelly Quinn et al
The State of “The Font." Presentation and Reading
1:30Iain Maloney
Storytelling: Scaffolding, Subtext and Secondhand Scenes
Zoria Petkoska
Archeologica Poetika: the poetry restoration writing method
Sara Fujimura
Book Signing Superstar
2:30Dunne and Seligson
Teachings of Cid Corman
on Poetry
Liane Wakabayashi
Good News for Authors: Sourcing Expert Advice

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