Below is the 2022 schedule for the Japan Writers Conference. Please remember to register, and fill out a health monitoring form for one week before the conference. It’s too late to register to attend in person, but you don’t need to register to attend any of our online sessions.

Click here to download a PDF of the schedule.

Saturday, October 15th, Japan Standard Time

Room 1Room 2Room 3 (Zoom presentations)
9:00Marc Antomattei
Watch Your Steps! Legal Pitfalls
Todd Jay Leonard
Publishing in the EFL Market: How to Make Your Proposal Count
Meg Kuyatt
The Thesis of the Novel
Revising with Focus
10:00Jenna Hammer (CoffeeQuills)
Spinning Web Fiction for Fun and Profit
John Rucynski
A Passion for Japan: Editing a Collection of Personal Narrative
Joan Bailey
Pitch Writing Tips on Crafting a Solid Story Idea
11:00Paul Rossiter et al
This Year at Isobar Poetry Reading
Michael Pronko
Fiction, Making Scenes: types, elements, effects, integration
1:30Charles Kowalski
The Magic of Humor
Swastika Jajoo et al
Curating a Community Newsletter Panel Discussion
2:30Swastika Jajoo
Poetry as a Social Space
Jillian Marshall
Reimagining Memoir: Storytelling Analytical Inquiry
3:30Michael Frazier
O Death, Where is Your Sting? A Poetics of Hope, Poetry Workshop

Sunday, October 16th, Japan Standard Time

Room 1Room 2Room 3 (Zoom presentations)
9:00Nithin Coca et al
Cooperatives and Self-Ownership for Writers
Sarah Coomber
Moment by Moment
Demystifying the First Memoir
Steven Wolfson
A Story Analyst’s Approach to Screenwriting
10:00Suzanne Kamata et al
Pivot: Writing for the Post-Pandemic World
C. E. J. Simons
Here We Go Again:
Poetry Workshop
Eli K. P. William
How to Build Worlds
11:00Sara Ellis
Why MFA when you can BB? Overview of Big Bang
Kelly Quinn et al
The State of “The Font." Presentation and Reading
1:30Iain Maloney
Storytelling: Scaffolding, Subtext and Secondhand Scenes
Zoria Petkoska
Archeologica Poetika: the poetry restoration writing method
Sara Fujimura
Book Signing Superstar
2:30Dunne and Seligson
Teachings of Cid Corman
on Poetry
Liane Wakabayashi
Good News for Authors: Sourcing Expert Advice

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